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Why Choose The WPS?

About Us

The WPS is managed by Philippa Binham, a UK and destination wedding planner with more than 12 years of experience. She has won multiple awards, including the National Wedding Planner of The Year Award in 2018.

Having, completed the home study course herself in 2010 and then becoming a tutor for the WPS in 2014, she took over the running of the Wedding Planner School in 2018 and the school continues to grow from strength to strength taking on more students and supporting them through their learning into successful and exciting careers.

She continues to teach the Elite course held yearly and certain of the One-To-One lessons, alongside a raft of other knowledgeable tutors who work for the Wedding Planner School.

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Undecided? Watch our videos below for even  more reasons to choose the WPS...

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