Free Wedding Planning Assistance to Bride & Grooms

Are you getting married? Would you like your WEDDING planned for free? Would you like your day coordinated for free too?

Some extra help on the day is so useful and reassuring. You can switch off and enjoy the moment instead of doing and worrying. And when the help is free and qualified it’s even better!

How do I book a free wedding planner for my event?

The Wedding Planner School requires engaged couples from all locations across the UK who would like a free consultation or free wedding day co-ordination service to help our newly qualified wedding and event planners get some hands-on work experience. The graduates have undergone training or study before the placement and we will be on the other end of their phone during the planning. It doesn’t matter if you’re on a tight budget or if you are a minor royal with unlimited resources, our graduate wedding planners have helped hundreds of couples in the past and can help you too. If you feel you could benefit please read and complete this PDF Free Wedding Planner Application 2018-2020 then email or post your application to our friendly front desk team

Is it completely free for all weddings, parties and other events?

You are not obliged to pay the graduate planners while on work experience placements and they are covered for damages under our employer’s liability insurance. A contribution to travel expenses or a healthy tip is always welcome, but never compulsory. We do ask for a deposit from all couples of £95 to secure their commitment. In the past we have had couples let down the planners or not treat them very nicely, so this helps to encourage polite interaction between all parties. If the placement goes through smoothly, your £95 will be refunded in full upon request, no delays. This refund must be claimed within three calendar months of the wedding, otherwise it goes into funding our work experience programme instead. We hope this is acceptable to you. Not sure if you need a wedding day coordinator? See what past couples have experienced below…

What kind of things can the planner help with in the run up to the day?

At any stage of your planning, you will benefit from an in depth discussion with a wedding planner about how the day will run, what still needs to be organised, inspiration for designs, budgeting before you begin and any other things that you would like to know about. You may be able to ask the planner to help with the planning of certain elements of the event/wedding which you can agree between you.

What kind of things can the planner help with on-the-day of the wedding?

Peace of mind on your wedding day that the little things will be taken care of, your schedule will run as planned and problems will be sorted promptly. The wedding planners will be as visible or as invisible as you wish and are able to help out in any way from setting up decor, managing timings, admin support, directing suppliers, acting as a point of contact, problem-solving and acting as a toastmaster.

Are there anything my planner can't assist with?

Due to insurance limitations, planners may not assist with the following:

  • Cooking or preparing food
  • Serving food and drinks
  • Childminding
  • Driving guests or clients around (unless they are personally covered for this)
  • Anything that involves lifting weights of more than 10kgs unless the load can be shared
  • Any other activities that the trainee deems to be unsafe or beyond their physical capabilities






 Jayne Phan and Scott Wilson, 2018

"Tricia joined our wedding planning team in June in order to support Sarah with planning our September wedding. We had a particularly demanding wedding in that we had a full weekend wedding and the main day involved a Vietnamese tea ceremony followed by a civil ceremony. Tricia was absolutely great to work with, friendly and warm. She met with us at the venue early on to talk through our plans, and it was clear that she was very experienced and has a talent for planning the detail and logistics. She gave us great suggestions that meant we could use the same room for our ceremony and wedding breakfast with a tight turnaround and on the day the room looked absolutely stunning; far beyond my expectations. The day before our wedding and on the day she worked tirelessly with Sarah meeting and greeting suppliers, setting up the venue, co-coordinating, directing, fixing, decorating and clearing up and calming our nerves. I really don’t believe our wedding would have been half as wonderful as it was if it wasn’t for the expertise and the hard work put in by Tricia and Sarah. I would highly recommend Tricia to anyone planning a wedding. We really can’t thank her and Sarah enough!"

Here are just a few of the many thank you messages that we receive from the couples

taking part in our extremely popular and highly regarded work experience programme.