Why Choose Us?

Why choose these wedding planning course and events training programmes?

We are really nice to work with:  friendly staff and a fun tutor makes such a big difference to your experience. Find out for yourself by enrolling on one of our courses today. But there is so much more besides:


Why choose The Wedding Planner School?

Ten Reasons why The Wedding Planner School is Your Best chance of Success

  • We are the only learning provider to give a 12-month success guarantee.
  • You get access to advisors even after your course is complete.


  • Be assured of good quality and service, our overall Hotcourses rating is 5/5 thanks to an independent panel of nearly 200 reviewers.
  • We are an IADL accredited training provider and are registered with the UK Register of Learning Providers (UK Provider Reference Number 10019063)


  • When you train in wedding and event planning with The Wedding Planner School you are guaranteed work experience.
  • Choose a successful mentor who is not a competitor.


  • Rated ‘very good’ and ‘excellent value for money’ by our former students.
  • Get your business listed on our high-ranking website free of charge, for life.


  • Get digital copies of all the documents and templates you need.
  • Graduates get free membership of the Best Practice Association.


Our focus is about bringing you the happy and fulfilling lifestyle you deserve and making you a success.