At The Wedding Planner School the experiences of our students and the quality of the courses are paramount. Read on to see a few of the many thank you messages that we receive from our students…

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Student Testimonials - Wedding Planner School Course Reviews

I really liked every aspect of the course

“I loved spending time with people that love weddings like me.  I have learned many things about weddings, not only the decoration aspects and I took part in a real wedding.  I leaned so much in the marketing part of the course, sales, negotiations and how to communicate with potential clients.  I really liked every aspect of the course, I wouldn’t change anything as you exceeded my expectations.”

Valentina V. - Elite Graduate 2018

Practical exercises for all topics

“I liked having practical exercises for all activities and experiencing a British wedding.  I learned a lot about networking and pricing.  You met all my expectations.”

Claire O. - Elite graduate 2018

Small classes made it easy to make friends

“My favourite parts of the course were the practical wedding at the end, how small the classes were which made it easy to make close friends and work together.  I learned about marketing, styling and maths – having a calculator to hand was very helpful!  Throughout the week I would like to get out and do more practicals, table arrangements and some outdoor activities.  Lovely people and location.  The course exceeded my expectations.”

Charlotte S. - Elite Graduate 2018

Excellent from start to finish

“Classroom learning was fun and was broken up with activities which made it easier to learn.  I learned most about calculating space for a marquee, conducting meetings with clients, contracts and terms and conditions.  The wedding day itself was an excellent learning opportunity.  The tutors don’t need to improve anything, it was excellent from start to finish.  I thoroughly enjoyed it and learnt a great deal.”

Lorna R. - Elite Graduate 2018

Helped me come closer to my dream

“Thank you so much for helping me come closer to my dream.  I am writing this just a few hours before I send off my coursework.  Molly, you have been my Northern star through this year.  Thank you and a million times thank you for being there, helping people make their dreams come true!”
And upon graduating: “I cannot explain how happy I am that I passed.   With so much happiness and love I might burst!”

E. Olsson - Sweden, October 2017

Very good, well explained

“More than expected, well delivered, given handouts and the tutor was good at explaining difficult topics.  Very good.  Well explained and very approachable.  Reinforced my initial ideas and taught me others.  I will continue assisting with weddings alongside a local photographer and create a website and instagram. 5 stars.”

Maria R. - Marbella, June 2017

Patience and professionalism

“The course content covered more than I expected, I understood clearly everything we have gone through thanks to Amber’s patience and professionalism.  She was absolutely approachable and willing to listen to all our questions and doubts.  I will be able to apply everything I learned with the ‘destination abroad’ weddings I intend to work on.  5 stars. “

Elvira P. - Italy, June 2017

Invaluable for me while starting my new career

“There is so much information to take in but Amber delivered the course at a comfortable pace and explained things in an excellent way.  This course has been invaluable for me starting my new career.  Thank you Amber, your delivery was excellent. 5 stars.”

Rachelle M. - Bedfordshire, June 2017

More than expected

“The course covered much more than I expected and was very well delivered.  A really good training course. 5 stars out of 5.”

Sylvie H. - London, June 2017

I’ve received five job offers

“I’ve received five job offers as a direct result of the event I planned during the Elite course.”

G. Peck - Elite Graduate 2016-2017

Wonderful sessions & guidance throughout

“Thank you so much for such an incredible grade! I am truly grateful and feel on cloud nine right now!

Thank you to you and Pippa for all the wonderful sessions and guidance throughout. You are absolutely incredible and have given me so much knowledge and confidence! “

J. Campbell - Dorset, Elite Graduate 2016-2017

Things are much clearer for me now, would definitely recommend

“Everything I was interested in was covered.  Tutor was more than happy to share her personal business experience as well as draw on other knowledge.  I will start the process of building my business confidently now that I understand better where to begin and how to develop it.  Big thank you.  Things are much clearer now.  I would definitely recommend the service and tutor. 5 out of 5.”

Lisa E. - East Sussex, April 2017

Five Stars – Better than expected

“The course was way better than I had expected, for example, that we got digital materials as well as paper handouts.  Just to speak to people who share the same thoughts gave me more confidence in this subject.  Five stars for tutor, course and overall.”

Alexandra N. - Sweden, February 2017

Tutor was fantastic – knowledgeable and experienced

“The course gave me more than I expected.  Clearly presented.  Both handouts and digital materials were used.  The tutor was fantastic at explanations and her knowledge and experience showed through.  The tutor was approachable and welcomed any questions and answered as best as possible.  Five stars.  All very useful, could apply to my current job as a wedding coordinator and lots of options for the future too.”

Amber W. - Kent, February 2017

“I think that the course content was very clear and well delivered which was explained very clearly.  I thought that the tutor was very clear and approachable.  I think the information I have learnt will definitely be useful to me and I will surely be using it in the future. Five stars.”

St Yung - London, February 2017

Practical examples given

“Course was what I expected, handouts were very good and clear.  Tutor explained concepts clearly and very approachable.  Stayed on topic and moved through the material at a good pace.  I’d like more breaks please, but was fine.  Practical examples given in the information, relevant to wedding & event planning. Five stars.”

Monica S. - Surrey, February 2017

Felt comfortable asking questions

“Lovely tutor and enjoyed being part of a small class.  Felt comfortable asking questions and definitely learnt a lot.  Liked how tutor spoke about her personal experiences.  Many useful tips throughout the presentations – really helpful.”

Margaret R. - London, February 2017

Great Course – really enjoyed it and benefited from personal teaching

“The content of the course is excellent and I feel much more able to progress with my career having done the course.  Its a lot to fit into one day but I think that was helped by one-to-one teaching.  Next I want to build a career as a wedding planner.”

Emma G, Private Tuition - Jan 2017

Tutor made it easy to learn

“A well taught course – fun practical, interesting. 5 stars out of 5.  The course was even better than I thought it would be, Pippa my tutor was very enthusiastic and made it easy to learn through real life experiences and examples and through role play.  It will help with the fundamentals of wedding planning and let us make the next step.”

Steve G, Private Tuition - Jan 2017

Lots of easy-to-implement ideas

“Bespoke course for me and my wedding venue which made a difference.  Written and digital materials were provided – a lot of text to read through later!  Answered all of my questions and was good to be able to bounce ideas off someone.  Thank you!  Lots of easy-to-implement ideas that I had not considered and can’t wait to try them.  Lots of ways around issues and new ways of trying things.  Thank you for making it easy to take part. 5 stars out of 5 for course and trainer.”

Grace - Gwel an Mor 5* Luxury Holiday Resort and venue - Feb 2017

All aspects will help immensely in my future career.

“Course content was exactly as I expected and more, both days were fantastic with so much information provided.  All hand outs and materials are useful and will certainly help me.  10 out of 10 for the tutor!  All aspects of both days I feel will help immensely in my future career.  I feel so much more confident about starting a business and how to go about it in the correct way.  Five stars out of five for the course.”

Sophie - Wiltshire, November 2016

Helpful & informative

“Very helpful and informative – a great introduction to the wedding planning world.”

Anonymous - Elite class of 2017

I learned a lot

“I had a great time and I learned a lot of things for my future wedding & event business.”

Anonymous - Elite class of 2017

Exciting Experience! Inspiring

” An exciting experience! 🙂 For the first time [in my life] I felt like I was attending a training course to actually learn something.  Teachers were very professional and open to any questions.  I am looking forward to meeting them again in order to learn more and more.  They are really inspiring!  I am really happy about my classmates too.  So I am happy to have chosen the Wedding Planner School so far.  Thank you!”

Anonymous - Elite class of 2017

Friendly & relaxed

“The friendly, relaxed atmosphere puts you at ease straight away.  Both tutors, Amber & Pippa, are very understanding, down to earth and happy to answer any questions.  It doesn’t feel rushed but actually fits a lot in which is wonderful.”

Anonymous - Elite class of 2017

Gained a better understanding of budgets in all areas

“My experience so far has been great, I already learnt a lot of things which I didn’t know, e.g. how to introduce myself when I first meet a client and a different variety of events.  Starting to gain a better understanding of budgets in all areas.  Tutors are really helpful, I feel comfortable to ask about things I am unsure of or don’t know, even if it has already been covered.  Looking forward to more sessions, thank you.”

Anonymous - Elite class of 2017

Thoroughly enjoyed, really helpful

“I have thoroughly enjoyed the induction session of the Elite Course at The Wedding Planner School.  I like the different personality dynamics of both tutors.  I thought the smarter exercise worked well, planning our ideal wedding in pairs and measuring financial potential [of events] was really helpful.  The client proposal and first meeting exercises I very much enjoyed.  Really helpful to physically go through it – also the public event experience which is not an area I had previously considered working in.  Looking forward to Session 2.”

Yasmin - London, Elite class of 2017

Where to start, what to expect and how to go about it

“Course had practical elements to it which helps concentration and is true to the profession.  Handouts are very detailed and I look forward to receiving extra digital materials.  It has given me a clear understanding of where to start, what to expect and how to go about it.  Venue was very hospitable with lovely food and the tutor was very friendly and approachable!  5 stars out of 5 for everything.”

Sarah D. - Bristol, June 2016

Professional Wedding & Event Planning

Overall rating for weekend course experience 4 out of 5.  Course and tutor 5 out of 5.

Emma M. - Kent, June 2016

Great tutor with fantastic anecdotes

“The content was informative and included lots of extra details through Amber’s personal experience that we might not have thought of.  She explained the concepts well and was happy to answer questions.  It was useful to have steps explained and the extra resources were useful.  Thank you, Amber is a great tutor with fantastic anecdotes. 5 stars for everything.”

Bethany J. - Bath, 2016

There is so much to learn as a Wedding Planner

“[The Professional Wedding & Event Planning] course went well, though there is much to learn as a wedding planner, it is a deep and broad subject.  It’s been amazing.  It was lovely meeting in this venue, the staff and management were warm and friendly. Five stars for course, tutor and overall experience.”

Nkoyo - London, June 2016

Very useful tips on problem solving

“The course was all good and very helpful.  [The tutor] explained why everything happens the way it does, she also gave very useful tips on how to solve problems and what to do (or not do!) in general.  I now know a lot more about what goes in to wedding planning and how to start up.  Five out of five stars for everything.”

Nicole D. - Bristol, June 2016

Simple steps to boost business

“We set out all our expectations beforehand and made sure all points of interest were covered.  The tutor was really friendly and patient when we needed to go off course.  Really useful training and lots of simple steps to hopefully boost business with additional personal knowledge to take away.  Thank you:-) I think having a year with a mentor would be invaluable if it’s possible.” 5 out of 5 for course and tutor.

Rebecca L. - Kia Cricket Oval, April 2016

Great insight into the wedding planning world

“Some great information, great to get me started and help me look for things I might have missed.  The booklet is great I will be reading it through properly.  The information is useful for sure, it helped me to figure out what questions I need to ask potential clients.  Great course and insight on the wedding planning world  Thanks for your time and knowledge.” 5 out of 5 for course and tutor.

Sim G. - Kia Cricket Oval, April 2016

Covered much more than I expected

“[My one to one training] involved much more than I expected – very helpful and clear information.  Handouts were provided and the tutor was great at explaining as she gave real examples when I couldn’t understand.  My next step is to revise what I have learned, think about applying for the Business & Marketing course and hopefully start my own business.”

Najlaa B. - March 2016

Glad to have chosen this course

“I am really really happy to receive news that I passed [my home study course]!

I am very glad to have chosen this course, I have received many tips and suggestions from tutors, so much help from you [Molly] and Georgina, and I learned many interesting and new things! I loved the study books and I hope to put everything into practice as soon as possible, now I am more sure about what I want for my future and certainly more prepared.

Surely it was a test for me, partly because English is not my mother language, but I am satisfied with what I did!

I give you 5 stars definitely!”

Eleonora O. December 2015

Given me confidence

“The presentation and handouts were very informative and Amber [the tutor] elaborated on all the topics which gave me a better breadth of understanding.  She also gave lots of useful practical examples and the group work was useful.  The course [Business & Marketing for wedding & event planners] has been very useful in giving me the confidence to seriously consider this field as a future career path.  Next steps for me is to do some market research in my area to prepare myself to launch a business in the near future. 5 stars out of 5”

Laura C. December 2015

I now know what my next steps are

“The [Business & Marketing for wedding & event planners] course was challenging as I had expected it to be, and it tested skills I know I needed to improve, but I know I am on the right lines.  Amber is an excellent tutor.  I now have an actual plan and I know what my next steps need to be.  I also know the areas I need to work on.  5 out of 5.”

Laura J. December 2015

Extremely informative and fun

“I found the [Business & Marketing for Wedding & Event Planners] course to be extremely informative.  It was taught well and was fun.  All paperwork was given out to take away.  The information is very useful.  It made me realise I am on the right track but that I have some areas to focus on! 5 out of 5.”

Sadie R. December 2015

Everything is good

“Everything is good.  I would also like to know marriage law for another country (Netherlands). 5 out of 5 for course and tutor and yes I do think I will be able to apply what I learned to my future career.”

N Willemstein, Nov 2015

Tutor explained everything clearly

“The tutor was very calm and explained everything clearly.  5 out of 5.  My next step is to set up my own wedding planning company and build a website.  The venue was good and staff were helpful.”

Josephine J, Nov 2015

Perfect Tutor…Very Impressed

“We had the perfect tutor who knew what she was talking about.  Very helpful, very experienced and had an obvious passion for the industry which made it interesting for me.  I was very impressed with the amount of information we get to take to take away, it will really help me in the future.  The tutor was aware of my current career plans and so adjusted her teaching to fit my needs for when I go back to work.  Thank you very much to the venue for your hospitality and lovely food too. 5 out of 5”

Becky M - Gilbert White's Museum, Nov 2015

Met my expectations

“[The business start-up & marketing course] met my expectations and was definitely at a pace that was right for me.  5 out of 5.”

Susie W. - Kent, 2015

Hands-on coaching

“Pippa the tutor was hands-on with everything and I enjoyed her coaching.  All the information was very useful especially the part in calculating how to charge my clients as this had been a problem for me in the past but now I will use what I learned very well in my business. Five out of five for everything.”

Oluchi O, June 2015

Great Course – very helpful

“My one-to-one was a great course – very helpful.  Four stars for the experience overall and five stars for the course and tuition, resources and facilities.”

Clair L, August 2015

More than I expected

“I thought the course was much more detailed and in-depth than I expected, which was helpful.  I really enjoyed the course and the tutor Amber was really approachable.  The information has provided me with a much better understanding of what is expected of us and what the job entails.  I’m excited to start work experience and hopefully in the future working full time in this profession.  Five stars overall and five stars for the course and tutor.”

Adele T, Sept 2015

Overall, a fantastic course

“The tutor Amber explained the course very well and delivered it well.  We were given materials, and overall I think it was a fantastic course.  Information very useful.”

Anita R. Sept 2015

Friendly & well presented

“The course was very good, tutor was lovely, friendly and very well presented.  Plenty of information provided at all times.  My next steps are completing the business & marketing course with The Wedding Planner School.”

Frankie F. Sept 2015

Helped me to think creatively

“The course and tutor were very well received, everything was explained with detail.  It’s helped me to think creatively on the spot.”

Dihann J. Sept 2015

Everything was Amazing!

“Everything was amazing!  Very enjoyable, understood everything.  Maybe could have covered more, however with timings I understand you can’t explain everything in 2 days.  I’ve learned a lot more than I knew at the beginning.”

Kat T. Sept 2015

Better than I expected

“It’s not what I expected but I preferred it this way – an open discussion and more verbal than just sitting and writing.  Better than expected.  Tutor was lovely and ready to answer any questions and give valuable answers.  I feel more confident about what is expected of me as a planner and I want to be part of it and see it all in action by either getting a shadowing placement or experience”

Victoria Viner Sept 2015

Very Insightful

“Everything was as expected, it was well delivered.  Materials were given out.  Tutor excellent.  Every bit of information was useful, very insightful.”

Taiwo Omagbemi, Sept 2015

Covered everything

“Excellent course, very varied and covered everything we could in two days without feeling overloaded.  Course documentation incredibly useful and tutor’s own experience is invaluable.  Helpful, approachable staff and a nice venue.”

Sarah Y, May 2015

Professional, credible and experienced

“Digital materials provided.  Tutor good at explaining.  Approachable, professional, credible and experienced tutor. 5 out of 5”

Katie M, May 2015

Very knowledgeable

“The course content was very knowledgeable.  Very approachable, excellent tutor.  The course has given me the foundation knowledge of how to proceed as a wedding and event planner.”

Karen T, May 2015

Tutor was amazing

“Amber was amazing in delivering the course, very approachable and also knowledgeable.  Materials given as guidelines.”

Sally M, May 2015

Delivered brilliantly

“Course content was excellent and the tutor delivered it brilliantly.  All materials were useful and Amber was very friendly and helpful…”

Laura J, May 2015

Tutor was perfect

At my wedding & event planning course she [the tutor] was perfect.  I still need to educate myself in contracts and budgeting, for that I know I can do another course with WPS.

Z. Hackett, May 2015

Everything that I expected

Everything that I expected, tutor was great, excellent at explaining.  My next step is to start gaining experience and then apply to be an event assistant.

Sabrina F, May 2015

Well delivered and varied

[The course] was well delivered and varied; with various learning methods.  The information has been invaluable and I have learned massive amounts. 5 stars out of 5.

Rhiannon D, May 2015

I love my job!!

“I am very happy with the feedback from my work experience placement and thoroughly enjoyed myself at the wedding. I love my job!!”

Garikai Chihuri, December 2014
Chique Weddings and Events

I gained a lot!

“I found the course to be enjoyable, interesting and useful.  I gained a lot from it, but did not realise how much actually goes into wedding planning!”

Cheryl Fernandes, November 2014

Great course – I learnt a lot

“One intensive weekend course with a nice small group of students – very friendly. Tutors were helpful and approachable.”

Clair Lamb, November 2014

Excellent course experience

“A two-day weekend course fits in perfectly with my full-time job. Easy format, lots of course material to keep including numerous ‘starter-pack’ formatted documents on a CD to take away for use in your own business. One short exam for only 10%, the other 90% based on participation, which works really well and enables everyone to share experiences.

Everything is provided and it is a based at a hotel venue so accommodation is available.

Lovely small group of students – really feels like we have taken a great amount of knowledge away. Really benefitted from almost one-to-one tuition with the teachers.”

Lieha Parry, November 2014

You, The Wedding Planner School are really great!

“It is very encouraging to already so quickly know I have actually passed my first coursework module. Thank you for looking at my coursework so very quickly. I am thrilled to hear I passed that module. I have had a look at the marked coursework and the feedback are most helpful. I will take the feedback into my heart and learn from them. Great feedback and I am really happy with my score. It is really uplifting to hear and to already know that. Thank you again for letting me know this so fast.

You, The Wedding Planner School are really great!”

Silje Skarbo, November 2014

Prompt response to coursework

“Thank you for such a prompt response to my coursework. It was great to hear that I’ve made a good start.”

Philippa Wheeler, September 2014

The written feedback is really good

“I’ve received my coursework in the post this morning, just wanted to say the written feedback is really good and you can see so clearly where there are things that have been missed off, so many thanks.”

Claire Fernyhough, September 2014

You are such a great team

“You are such a great team. I so far met only Amber, Ruth and Georgina and you are all three so supportive and motivating, unbelievable. I couldn’t choose a better institute. Seriously. It is so true that after all, people make the difference and you are a great example of it.”

Dasha Edmondson, September 2014

Work experience – really valuable and I feel much more confident now

“My placement has been a really valuable learning experience, and I feel much more confident now.

Thank you again for the opportunity and for the advice – it has been a brilliant experience… The family and bridal party were really complimentary about our handling of things so I feel much more confident now in every aspect of managing the day and my brides!  Looking forward to the next one – whenever that may be!”

Rachel Heller, August 2014

Thank you for this opportunity, I would certainly recommend it!

“My work experience shadowing Samantha was absolutely fantastic. Samantha was very informative and made me feel at ease from the very beginning and her on the day planning schedule was extremely detailed and very helpful.
Samantha’s professionalism and friendly approach with everyone concerned was exceptional and I picked up many tips from her approach to clients, guests and other companies too.
Thank you for this opportunity, I would certainly recommend it.”

Amanda Vrac, August 2014

Incredible work experience

“It was an incredible learning experience with it being such a hands on wedding, much more so than any of my experiences have been up until now, but really invaluable in the kinds of lessons we are taking away for the future.”

Rachel Heller, July 2014

There’s so much I can get from this course

“Thank you so much for your time last week it was brilliant, you are a great tutor. It was definitely a learning experience for me and was very exciting for me to know there’s so much I can get from this course. I have been reading through my books and handouts, they are extremely helpful by the way.”

Alayna Alexander, April 2014

My expectations were exceeded with this course

“My expectations were exceeded with this course session. I particularly enjoyed the end-of-year event discussions. We were starting to put the theory into real life/practical. The summary at the end was very helpful too.” (One-year course student)

Nora Tegyei, March 2014

My favourite aspects were the end-of-year event and branding

“My favourite aspects were the end-of-year event and branding. I learnt most about marquees.” (One-year course student)

Vanessa Tumba, March 2014

Exceeded my expectations!

“My favourite parts of this course were branding, marquees and starting the idea of our final event. I learnt most from marquees and suppliers. This session exceeded my expectations.”

Marica Coniglio, March 2014

This course exceeded my expectations

“This course exceeded my expectations. My favourite things about the March course session were the marquee exercises, meeting the tutors again and socialising. I learnt most from the exhibition stand exercise and the end-of-year event planning. Really enjoying the course!” (One-year course student)

Allison Seward, March 2014

I liked the fact that there was a different variety of teaching

“My favourite part of this weekend was discussing marquee weddings and looking at branding when it comes to building our business brand. I learned most from looking at the space needed for venues/events, as well as looking at supplier relationships and protecting yourself. I thoroughly enjoyed all of the course this weekend and liked the fact that there was a different variety of teaching: group work, visual e.g. DVD, tutor with flipchart etc. You exceeded my expectations.”

Patricia Downes, March 2014

I learned most from the marketing tools

“My favourite parts of the March session were the interaction with the teacher and my course mates, the exchange of ideas and perspectives. I learned most from the marketing tools and the important first steps when planning an event.” (One-year course student)

Cristina Pin Chie Shun Shin, March 2014


“Fabulous – I want to do the next one! Course content was easier to understand than I thought it would be. My tutor was very good at explaining and really lovely. Thoroughly enjoyed my weekend.”

Laura Overton, March 2014

All that I expected and more!

“Great course – all that I expected and more!”

Daisy Anumudu, March 2014

Fantastic course – I highly recommend it!

“Fantastic course – I highly recommend it! Very well looked after and my tutor always made sure everybody understood the content and covered all topics on the syllabus. I’m more motivated to create my own business.”

Lalaine Dela-Cruz, March 2014

Really informative course

“Really informative course. Course delivered all the information I needed on how to start a business and market research. My tutor was really friendly and helpful.”

Sara Gillott, March 2014

Covered all I wanted to know and more

“Very good course, which gave me confidence. The course covered all I wanted to know and more and my tutor was very nice.”

Cherrelle Wightman, March 2014

Very informative – great course!

“Very informative – great course! Very well organised and time management excellent.”

Deirdre Falconer, March 2014

My favourite aspect was the practical elements

“My favourite aspect of this weekend’s course was the practical elements such as brainstorming and planning. I learnt most about the financial process behind putting together a budget for a wedding/working with a specific budget. You met my expectations!” (One-year course student)

Kirsty Farnham, January 2014

I am feeling more confident

“My favourite aspects were how to plan a budget, setting up my business and how to charge for consultancy services. I am feeling more confident about approaching clients in meeting sessions. I learnt most from measuring the financial potential of an event, the five-year projection of my business and the client proposal presentation.” (One-year course student)

Tracy Ampofo, January 2014

Re-focussed and re-energised my desire to change careers

“I particularly enjoyed meeting the group and getting to know everyone, as well as focusing on the individual elements/planning processes and group discussions. I learnt a lot about financial planning and proposal setting. This has re-focussed and re-energised my desire to change careers, thanks to my tutor. Much appreciated!” (One-year course student)

Allison Seward, January 2014

Favourite parts were projection of the business, calculation and sharing ideas

“My favourite part of the course was the projection of the business, calculation and sharing ideas. I learnt most from the content of financial progress, market research and proposal presentation. This met my expectations.” (One-year course student)

Marica Coniglio, January 2014

Very hands-on and roleplaying is very useful

“My favourite aspect of this session was that the course is very hands on and roleplaying is very useful and helps you understand exactly what the lecturer is talking about. I learned most from the modules on budgeting, market research and networking. You met my expectations.” (One year-course student)

Andrea McGettigan, January 2014

This course is very hands on and I learnt a lot

“This course is very hands on and I learnt a lot. I love the aspects that involve loads of different event situations. I learnt most from talking about the clients and what they expect from us. It is good to know their point of view as this is where we make our profit from. It exceeded my expectations.” (One-year course student)

Nora Tegyei, January 2014

I learnt most from being able to present my ideas to the class

“My favourite parts of this course session were discussing ideas with each other as I can develop my knowledge and allow others to contemplate my ideas too. I learnt most from being able to present my ideas to the class as it allowed me to put more thought into the module and makes it more memorable. You met my expectations.” (One-year course student)

Jem Meisuria, January 2014

This course session exceeded my expectations

“This course session exceeded my expectations. I particularly enjoyed the interactive case studies as it was very interesting to hear others’ ideas and being able to concretely develop mine.” One-year course student)

Vanessa Tumba, January 2014

I learnt a lot

“During this weekend’s course I learnt most from roleplaying as a planner with a customer, the proposal, the planning aspects, prioritising how an event should run, setting an agenda, the financial aspect looking at what makes the event viable. It met my expectations! Beautiful venue… stunning grounds.” (One-year course student)

Patricia Downes, January 2014

Very well structured course

“Very well structured course; all syllabus content has been covered and presented in a logical and clear manner (with examples and exercises where appropriate).”

Veronika Szabo, January 2014

Great value for money

Dasha Edmondson, November 2013

I would recommend the course to anybody wanting to become a planner

Alison Rawlinson, November 2013

I chose WPS for the opportunities it offers

Amanda Vrac, October 2013

Gave me lots of confidence to make my dream a reality

“I thoroughly enjoyed the course and couldn’t believe I did so well. Amber was so lovely and has given me lots of confidence to make my dream a reality. We had a lovely day!”

Carmen Radway, August 2013
Elegantly Yours Wedding and Event Design

An invaluable experience

“I really enjoyed being with you on the course last weekend. I just want to say “thank you!” for making this experience an invaluable one in learning the ropes of the business and the ideas that you all put across that encouraged and motivated me.” (Returning student)

Sandi Morais-Myles, November 2012

A very useful and enjoyable experience

“I just wanted to say a huge thank you for all the help and information you gave on the wedding planner and events course at the weekend. I found it a very useful and enjoyable experience, and will hopefully be able to implement a lot of the tips and advice you gave.”

Christine Taylor, October 2012
Nova Wedding Planning

Invaluable tools that have given me confidence

“Thanks so much to our tutor last weekend. I really enjoyed it and like Sarah, I have been so excited, hardly stopped talking about “weddings” (hubby was also very excited for me… he didn’t mind me!)
Very much appreciate the info on your emails and find the links and attachments invaluable tools that have given the confidence to ask prospective brides that I work with. This week has been really busy as I have been booked for my first real wedding as a Wedding Planner, in 3 weeks time…

I am looking to book into the Intermediate course in Nov, so hopefully I’ll see you there..!”

Sandi Morais-Myles, July 2012

It’s filled me with enthusiasm and ideas

“Thank you for my really excellent course in London at the weekend. It’s filled me with enthusiasm and ideas on where and how to start the new me – very excited!… It’s really made up my mind for me that this is what I want to do. I have booked on the intermediate course!”

Sarah Merrington, July 2012

A joy to be taught by

“I would like to say what a pleasure it was to attend the foundation course and I look forward to future courses. The weekend was intense, but very enlightening and very enjoyable. It was great to meet students in a similar position as I am and also great to be taught by our tutor, who is clearly highly experienced, very knowledgeable and a joy to be taught by.”

Lydia Patsalides, July 2012

Gave me the wisdom & freshness that I needed to get back my passionate career!

“I would like to say a thank you for two great weekends… It was a big inspiration to me and has re-opened all my doors to a successful business both in my theatre school and as an independent wedding planner. I have a good sense now of where I need to kick start and method to follow throughout to start up the business, but I am sure I will be asking my tutor/WPS for advice! I am looking forward to building a good relationship with The Wedding Planner School.

l am so grateful to have had this opportunity so thank you for giving me the wisdom and freshness that I needed to get back my passionate career!”

Mandeep Aujla, March 2012

I gained a lot more than I expected

“I thoroughly enjoyed the weekend and gained a lot more than I expected. I found it very informative and thought provoking and came away from the course with fresh enthusiasm and inspiration to move my business forward. My husband was also very impressed with my SEO knowledge! Thanks again.”

Georgina Hunter, March 2012
Inspiral Parties

I felt more confident to pursue a career in events

“I had a fun time on my course, and felt more confident to pursue a career in events after last weekend. I will be looking out for any work experience available and plan to start my own business in the very near future.
Thank you for all the information shared and your helpful emails.”

Tara Green, March 2012
A Perfect Day

I was blown away by your expertise

“Thank you so much for all your help on the weekend course, it was fantastic. You were inspiring and so helpful and I was blown away by your expertise in the field.”

Stacey Jefferies, November 2011

Extremely enjoyable weekend

“Thank you for the extremely enjoyable weekend, as well as for your commendable teaching style. I have definitely learnt a lot and will be looking at booking the intermediate course. Thank you again.”

Garikai Chihuri, November 2011
Chique Weddings and Events

I am so thankful that I chose WPS

“I received my certificate today and I am very happy to have passed the course. The course was very enjoyable and full of very useful information that I will use in my career. I learned many things I didn’t know and I am so thankful that I chose WPS to study wedding and event planning. I am very impressed that you not only sent me my course back but the feedback you have given me is extremely impressive, thoughtful and helpful. I will take a bit of a break this year but I plan to enrol on the intermediate course some time next year 2012!
Thanks very much.”

Simone Ledwidge, October 2011

I have come away feeling quite fulfilled

“Thank you for such a great weekend. I had so much fun learning, I enjoyed the whole content and learnt so much. It gave me a lot of insight. I have come away feeling quite fulfilled and ready to start again, so much that I am organising the office Christmas Party!
Thank you once again and I am sure I will be in touch with many questions!” (Returning student)

Fatima Uddin, October 2011

Gained huge insight into wedding and event planning

“Please could you pass on my thanks to Amber for a very enjoyable course which was full of information, useful tips and time to share ideas with other colleagues. This course answered a lot of questions.
Amber is very experienced in her field so we all gained huge insight into wedding and event planning in readiness for when we offer our own services.
I would like to take this further with the intermediate course.”

Jill Evans, October 2011

A course delivered to help me progress

“Thank you so much for a very enjoyable course. It was very informative and a great start. It was so nice to meet you all and find our passion in common! Thank you to my tutor for so much information! A course delivered to help me progress.”

Alyson Frampton, October 2011

Your time and advice was invaluable

“Many, many thanks for your time this morning. You’ve given me lots of food for thought on how to take things forward.
Your time and advice was invaluable.” (Graduate ringing for advice)

Samantha Campbell, October 2011
Weddings by Sam-Marie

Excellent course – I feel very inspired

“Excellent course – I feel very inspired…The course far exceeded my expectations and was very informative. The tutor delivered a well-structured course and was very accommodating with questions.”

Karen Scarlett, October 2011
Epiphany Wedding Planners

Very informative

“Very informative – great fun, very enjoyable, with a really lovely group of students.”

Amanda Penrose, October 2011

It was really inspiring!

“Great course – it was really inspiring!”

Eunice Nielsen, October 2011

I made the right choice and chose The Wedding Planner School

“Thanks for being such a professional tutor with all the skills that any student will benefit from. The day went by so quickly with all areas covered in an academic and practical way!!! I truly enjoyed and gained new practical and professional skills from the training and all aspects of the course.
I’ll definitely take your offer of assistance when I start working on some of the projects that we discussed. This is surely a bonus and the icing on the cake for me. I’m sure with such help from you and your team I’ll be able to gain more practical and professional skills in wedding planning and events management. I’m very pleased that I made the right choice and chose The Wedding Planner School for this course.”

Margaret Sesay, October 2011

I am glad I did this course

“Thank you for the great insight into the course. I had a great weekend and it was wonderful learning so much. I can’t believe I have put this off for nearly 3 years! I think a lot of it was to do with the fear factor. I really know that I want to do this.

It was a positive course with lots to take in. The tutor was great and exceeded my expectations. There was a lot to learn and I am glad I did this course. All questions were answered and we participated well.

Thank you once again, I am hoping to enrol on the intermediate course now!”

Fatima Uddin, July 2011

Learnt so much useful information

“Great course – Learnt so much useful information.”

Jessica Files, July 2011

Course was very detailed

“My course was very detailed and worthwhile.”

Jemma Wright, July 2011

Inspiring! Life Changing! A great experience!

“Inspiring! Life Changing! A great experience!
I have learnt so much from my excellent home study course – which was really well put together.
The ‘quasi’ real-life experience adds real value to the course. It was exactly what I was looking for and the course exceeded my expectations.
The tutors were very approachable and responsive. I appreciated all the help provided and I was impressed by the prompt and careful response to my coursework.
Thanks once again.”

Anna Spiteri Borg, May 2011
Malta Event Design

Provided more information than I expected

“Excellent One-to-One Course, which provided more information than I expected. My tutor made it easy to understand the business.”

Lisa Rogerson, May 2011

Course provided exactly what I was looking for

“Thank you so much for your help, all the info you have provided is really helpful. May I take this opportunity to thank you for a lovely weekend, everyone in the group was really friendly and the course provided exactly what I was looking for at this stage. Course content was spot on. Tutor was excellent as always – very friendly and approachable. Other students very friendly, with a good atmosphere.
I feel much more confident in taking the required steps to launch my business! I would also like to thank my tutor for going that extra mile at the end of the course and speaking to us individually, her advice has been invaluable.
Once again a big thank you.”

Caroline Green, May 2011

I highly recommend it!

“Really enjoyable and educational course. The taught course has been fantastic – really fun with lovely tutor. I highly recommend it!”

Allison Seward, May 2011

Covered all I needed and more

“Very comprehensive – covered all I needed and more.”

Serena Riches, May 2011

Awesome opportunity

“Awesome opportunity to learn in a relaxed atmosphere. Like the idea that we were a small class, which made the whole process more efficient and natural.”

Alina Bezuglova, March 2011


“Fantastic! Good tutor who was very patient and helpful, and gave good explanations.”

Rachel Aldersley, March 2011

Thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience

“What a lovely weekend spent with my tutor and all the girls!! I have definitely taken away lots of knowledge and thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience. Thank you for all your hard work and excellent teaching. Thank you also for the follow-up e mail with all the additional information. I will keep my eye on the website for any work experience opportunities as I think that is probably my next best step!!!

Extremely comprehensive – very enjoyable. Extremely good tutor and course with extremely nice students – made new friends.”

Nicola Woollaston, February 2011

I learnt a lot

“Great – I learnt a lot, in a very friendly atmosphere.”

Julia Plotnikova, February 2011

My course gave great insight

“Really enjoyed my course – gave great insight, and everyone was really friendly.”

Katrine Beckett, February 2011

Great course

“Great course, met all my expectations!”

Hazel Madziva, February 2011

Fabulous – learnt so much!

“Fabulous – learnt so much! Excellent tutor, delivered right content at good pace with helpful additions and excellent course resources – very comprehensive! Very good venue and class atmosphere.”

Hilary Jones, July 2010

Very impressed with quality of teaching and content

“Very impressed with quality of teaching and content, which exceeded my expectations and inspired me to set up my own business. I really enjoyed my time on the course: my tutor was exceptional and fellow students were interesting and friendly.”

Victoria Jenkins, July 2010
Victoria Clare Events

Excellent course – covered all aspects

“Excellent course – covered all aspects. This was a two-day intensive course, which was very well structured and covered all elements. It was kept interesting and thoroughly enjoyable. Nice venue, with good facilities. Very nice people on the course, with a good atmosphere.”

Natalie Martyn, July 2010

A very good start for me

“Course met all my expectations. It was very interesting to learn so much in such little time. My tutor was very kind, patient and very attentive to everyone’s needs. A very good start for me and I have lots to work with for now.”

Elsira Tapia-Courage, July 2010

Extremely useful course

“Fun, relaxed and extremely useful course. Tutor was great, really helpful and provided really useful information. There were great resources available.”

Emma Harraden, June 2010

It gave me lots of confidence

“Really enjoyed the course. Lots of useful information, and it gave me lots of confidence.”

Heather Velda, June 2010
HEV's Creations

Most enjoyable course over a two-day intensive period

“Very good and most enjoyable course over a two-day intensive period. The tutor was calm, precise, knowledgeable and authoritative. Well equipped venue, with a great group of students.”

Lolly Green, June 2010

Lots of great tips and advice

“Great course, backed up any previous knowledge I had, and had lots of great tips and advice.”

Rose Langley, June 2010

Brilliant tutor with a real passion for the industry

“Informative course, exceeded my expectations. Brilliant tutor with a real passion for the industry that transpires through her approach to teaching.”

Kamila Jaskot, February 2010

Heartfelt thanks

“I just wanted to say last weekend’s course was great. Amber was a fantastic tutor and has inspired me. She was so calm and informative I can see how she has become so successful, and hope to come into contact with her again.
I feel I personally benefited from such a small group, and that I had the confidence to share ideas and thoughts whereas in a larger group I’m not sure I would have.
I thank you for sorting out the course and heartfelt thanks to Amber as I thoroughly enjoyed the course.”

Elaine Wood, February 2010
Weddings By Elaine

Exactly what I was looking for

“Once again, Thank you very much for all of this extra information and the amazing course. I thoroughly enjoyed it and can’t wait to get started with my own business when I get back to Zimbabwe. Hopefully I can keep in touch. Amber was absolutely lovely and presented the information beautifully!
I would like to thank you very much for the course. It was exactly what I was looking for and has left me a lot more confident that I can set up my own business and do it successfully!”

Tara Sharp, February 2010

Extremely informative, helpful and inspirational

“Extremely informative, helpful and inspirational. Although the course was held at home with just my colleague it was most enjoyable and an excellent atmosphere.” 5 stars out of 5.

Lorraine Lane, January 2010
Eventure and The Wedding Fairy

Exceeded expectations!

“Extremely useful with plenty of discussion opportunities. Exceeded expectations.
Course content excellent, Tutor was Fab! Very useful and offered plenty of advice and assistance going forward.” 5 stars out of 5.

Kat Gillespie, January 2010
Eventure and The Wedding Fairy

Amazed at how much we managed to cover in two days

“Great course, very professionally run. I took an intensive course and was amazed at how much we managed to cover in two days. Tutor was friendly and professional – answered all our questions when required to do so. Act on advice and training given. Course was run from a hotel at an outside venue which was lovely. Other students in the course were lovely, a small but diverse mix of adults which made it very interesting.”

Helen Durk, November 2009

I had the best learning experience I possibly could have

“Really great course, a lot more than I expected. The tutor comes across as very experienced, I feel confident that I had the best learning experience I possibly could have. Complete value for money. Course venue was very nice, clean, friendly staff. Other students very friendly.”

Laura Vincent, November 2009

I have learnt so much

“Thank you for a great weekend, I have learnt so much in such a short period of time.”

Debbie Bell, November 2009

I am reassured in knowing I made the right choice with WPS

“I just wanted to send a message of thanks to the school for the very enjoyable weekend with Amber and the class. The information has been very useful and I can’t wait to get started now! I keep getting a little tingle of excitement every time I think about it!!.
Amber was amazing and I feel I have learnt a lot over the two days, I am also considering signing up for the intermediate course in February as I want to have as much knowledge as I can get to make a success of my new business.
I spent a long time looking into the course with yourselves and I am now reassured in knowing I made the right choice.
Thank you so much for all the support I have had so far and I will be checking the website over the coming weeks for some work experience opportunities.”

Deborah Stewart, October 2009

Your teaching style was brilliant

“Just wanted to say a massive thank you for all of your help over the weekend. I thoroughly enjoyed it.
Your teaching style was brilliant and I felt like I gained a massive amount of knowledge over such a short period.”

Radeyah Elahee, October 2009

I really feel part of the WPS family

“Thank you so much for making the course so relaxed and enjoyable, I had a really great weekend and had almost forgotten that we were being assessed and quizzed at the end!
It’s also a fantastic comfort to know that you and the Wedding Planner School are available for any questions, I really feel part of the family.
Thank you so much once again and I definitely hope to see you on another course in the future.”

Sarah Raubusch, October 2009

The course has given me the confidence to press on with my business idea

“Thank you for such a well taught course. I thoroughly enjoyed all of it even though there was such a lot to get through. I think the best thing about workshop is the fact that you complete it in a short space of time, with lots of interactive sessions. The workshop was not about taking notes, it was about listening and participation.
I also made some new friends who I will certainly keep in touch with.
The course has given me the confidence to press on with my business idea. I will definitely be taking the Intermediate level Diploma.
Thanks again!”

Nevilla Tyrell, April 2009
Nevi's Weddings

I thoroughly enjoyed both the foundation and intermediate courses

Just a note of thanks and to say that I thoroughly enjoyed both the foundation and intermediate courses. Amber’s tuition kept the subject matter interesting and Amber was always very informative when asked any number of questions.”

Sharon Suppaya, April 2009

I learnt a lot in a short space of time

“I had a great weekend and learnt a lot in such a short space of time which I didn’t think was possible. Thoroughly enjoyed myself and can’t wait for the next course in Bath in July.
Thank you sooo so so much for a fab weekend.”

Jessica Encell, April 2009

You were a huge inspiration

“A big thank you for all your help over the weekend, I really enjoyed the course and you were a huge inspiration.”

Holly Ashby, February 2009

Thank you for such a great start

“The course was really enjoyable, I certainly learnt a great deal, especially as I have not done anything like this before. I am raring to go! I already have some great events lined up over the next couple of months, to help begin building my portfolio.
Thank you for such a great start, I look forward to planning any events you offer and attending more courses in the future.”

Sobia Mukhtar, February 2009

I will recommend the course to everybody I know

“Many thanks to all of you. I was so excited about the course and future prospects when I returned home yesterday that I hardly slept a wink last night.
The course was excellent and I will recommend it to everybody I know – I’ve already started by telling a couple of girls I work with about it.
Amber is a fantastic tutor and I felt very inspired to work very hard in creating a successful business with the excellent skills imparted by her. (Not forgetting the lovely Jenny either)”

Suzanne Bennett, October 2008

The course was very rewarding and a great insight

“I would like to thank you all for the great time I had at the wedding/events planner course this weekend in Manchester. The course was very rewarding and a great insight into wedding and events planning, it was also extremely helpful and the role play was fun and educational preparing us for the real thing.
The course tutor Amber Hunter was an excellent tutor I felt that I learned a great deal from her, she explained everything so clearly and answered all my questions. I would also like to thank Jenny…she was also very helpful, when it came to the role play, she really put us to the test, so a big thank you to Jenny.
The ladies on the course were the nicest group of ladies that I have met in a long time. It was fun getting to know them, and I hope to see them again sometime, and wish them every success for their future in the wedding/events planning industry.
Once again a big thank you to you all, and a big thank you especially to Amber and Jenny, for a great course.”

Eva Egan, October 2008

The course was very enjoyable and provided many valuable learning points

“I wanted to say thank you for the course you ran this weekend at Manchester. The course was very enjoyable and provided many valuable learning points. I hope to be able to put the learning into practice in the near future at a work experience placement.”

Claire Kelly, October 2008

A fantastic experience and well worth the course fee

“…a massive thank you to Amber for such an enjoyable weekend. She was just amazing all weekend, very energetic and inspiring. Altogether a fantastic experience and well worth the course fee. Thanks again!”

Laura Elmer, October 2008

The course has given me knowledge to start my own business

“Thank you Amber for an enjoyable weekend. The course has given me the knowledge for the future to start my own business.”

Angela Neil, September 2008

I thoroughly enjoyed the course and learnt more than I could have hoped for

“I thoroughly enjoyed the course and learnt more than I could have hoped to have learnt. Amber is an excellent tutor, her patience and calm has a truly wonderful effect on her teaching skills.
I hope to join more courses in the future but for the moment….I must crack on with becoming a wedding planner extraordinaire!”

Kelli Nield, July 2008

I have learnt so much from you over only a few days

“Just wanted to send a quick email to say a massive thank you for another great course! I have learnt so much from you over only a few days and I am really grateful!”

Celia Adams, July 2008
Celia Adams Wedding Planning

I am very excited about putting all I learnt into action now!

“I just wanted to send a quick e-mail to say a big thank you to Emma who was my tutor at the weekend course in London. I thoroughly enjoyed the course and am very excited about putting all I learnt into action now! Emma was really helpful and explained everything so well! Thank you!”

Emily Ioannou, July 2008

I want to really thank you for a wonderful lesson

“I want to really thank you for a wonderful lesson and a great personality. I got my certificate today through the post and i feel really proud to have achieved it.”

Modupe Adebayo, May 2008

Thank you for a lovely and inspiring weekend

“Thank you for a lovely and inspiring weekend, I thoroughly enjoyed it….watch this space!!”

Claire Gannon, May 2008

I had a fantastic time on the course

“I had a fantastic time on the course and Emma the tutor was excellent.”

Hayley Wheatley, March 2008

The course has inspired us to make sure our business is a success

“Thank you! Rhian and I thoroughly enjoyed the course and it has inspired us to work even harder to make sure our business is a success.”

Wendy Tovey, March 2008

It’s been a long time since I did something for myself

“It was a great weekend, thank you very much. I learnt a great deal about Wedding and Event Planning as well as about myself. It’s been a long time since I did something for myself and met new people.”

Jenny Hill, March 2008
Vita Weddings

I should have done this years ago

“I should have done this years ago. Thanks for all your guidance.”

Karen Swanston, November 2007

I have to say you were very helpful

“I have to say you were very helpful and most importantly made me feel at ease straight away. I have been to day courses before and have to admit that the weekend course with you was a lot more relaxed and more in depth. I have learned some very important points.”

Hafsa Patel, November 2007
Hafsa Wedding Planner

Words are not enough to express my appreciation

“Thank you for a great weekend of learning in Manchester. Words are not enough to express my appreciation, but please accept my thank you and know that you gave me something I will always remember you for. You are a fabulous teacher.”

Caroline Dobinson, October 2007

I learned such a lot on my weekend course

“I thoroughly enjoyed the two days and learned such a lot from both our tutor and the other participants.”

Cheryl Wright, October 2007

I feel secure that I have assistance and support from WPS

“I would like to join those who have already emailed in thanking Amber personally. I feel quite honoured to have been tutored by such an experienced and respected Wedding and Events Planner. I thoroughly enjoyed the course and would have been more than happy to keep going!
I feel ready now to start my own business … I feel secure in the knowledge that I will have the assistance and support from the Wedding Planner School.”

Ruth Hunter, October 2007
Finesse Planning

I do think it is the best way to learn

“Just wanted to say a big thanks to Amber for the course, I learnt so much and I do think it is the best way to learn. She made it a lot easier too because she was approachable and knew so much.”

Lisa Dagger, October 2007
LJ Wedding Wishes

My tutor was exceptional

“The course was quite intensive and very enjoyable at the same time. Amber is an exceptional tutor and quite easy to get switched on to.”

Ladi Jones, May 2007

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and Amber as I found the course full of information and also it highlighted my strengths and skills.”

Michelle Nandrup, May 2007

The whole weekend was thoroughly enjoyable and rewarding

“I would just like to thank Amber for last weekend’s course in Swindon. The whole weekend was thoroughly enjoyable and rewarding, thanks to Amber’s teaching and to a friendly and enthusiastic group of fellow candidates.”

Emma Wood, March 2007